Effects Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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Drinking Age The fashion of the world is changing, and in the same way the people of the world are also changing. The changing fashion has affected many children. Now-a-days children start to drink from the age of 14 or may be less than that. There is always an issue about the age of drinking, as nobody follows the rules of drinking age. When the children go to the high school, they meet with different other children and make their friend circle. If any one of the friend is above the age limit, he will attract other friend who is below the age limit for drinking. This will result in violation of law. This shows that we should lower the age of the drinking, as many children start to drink from the age of 18 while the opposing party says that…show more content…
It will affect the children brain and body of the children. They can be affected by different heart problem and cancer in the early age. While the opposing people say that why only the children of the USA get affected, there is age limit of 18 in Europe. The children of Europe should also get affected with heart problem and cancer. But the research has shown that there is not much problem with the children who is drinking from 18. Due to the strictness of the law the children are forced to drink by hiding. Opposing people also say that the children of the age 18 can smoke and we know smoking is also injurious to health. If one can smoke from the age 18 then why can they drink from the same age? Smoking also causes the heart problem and cancer, so it should be also banned or smoking age should also be…show more content…
If we are lowering the age of drinking to 18 then many high school student will be freely start drinking and go to the club and spend the money. They have not started to earn, so they are going to spend the money of their parents. In the USA children after age 18 should start to earn by themselves, so if they spend the money in the alcohol then their parents are not going to support them. In the contrast, opposing people say that how can lowering the age affect the education. The children of the other country are not having any problem with the education. Why only the children of the USA will have the problem of education. Children have the right to live the life with their own way. Talking about the family relationship then the mother and father also knows that children have right to enjoy, so they will not hesitate to give the money. The children can also work by themselves to earn the money for the fun. In conclusion, I think it is better to lower the age of drinking. There should be kind of equality in all the country. If the children of the Europe come to America for study, due to the inequality of the drinking age the student from Europe may not follow the rules of the USA. Like this many student come from different country for study in the USA. There should be kind of equal age among the whole

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