Effects Of Katrina (Race And Poverty)

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Justin Sae Lee April 15, 2012 Sociology 101.03 Assignment I – Hurricane Katrina: Race and Poverty In early September of 2005 tragedy shook the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans. It was a hard time for many, even a harder time for the people living in poverty. Once the state of Louisiana was hit by hurricane we know as Katrina many were in shock to see the city crumble. From reviewing a lot of these articles found on the world wide web there were many common themes such as race, poverty, rebuilding, infrastructure, recovery, and the before and after effect. The two themes that I will be writing about are the racial and poverty issues before and after Katrina. Poverty before Katrina in the state of Louisiana was still bad. Louisiana ranks second worst in our country in poverty. Once Katrina hit it just got worse. In the article written by Bob Faw from NBC News he states that many didn’t have any type of insurance, many could not leave the area because they were dependent on government checks, and many couldn’t even afford the basic transportation. He also states “This natural disaster illustrates what experts have known all along — disasters do not treat everyone alike. Surviving is easier for whites who have than for blacks who don’t. And when push comes to shove, it’s every man, woman and child for himself.” From analyzing Bob Faw’s article it seems that he correlates a lot of the poverty due to race. Faw states that 67% of the population in New Orleans is African-American and that half of that population lives below the poverty line. It is very amazing to see how much of a percentage can be in poverty. As bad as it was before, it was worse even after the storm. In the second article I researched he really focused on the race factor of the after of what was Katrina. Lee Walker who wrote the second article really felt empowered with all the
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