Effects of Internet on Our Lives Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Effects of Internet on our lives ------------------------------------------------- Effects of Internet on our lives ------------------------------------------------- The Internet is the latest in a series of technological breakthroughs in interpersonal communication, following the telegraph, telephone, radio, and television. Today, as most of us know it has indisputably become one of the essential requirements that one has to have in his/her life. However, the Internet is like anything else, has both positive and negative impacts. Actually, it has many positive impacts on our lives. Life has become much easier than it had been before the invention of Internet. It is used in the workplace, school, home, and everywhere. Thus, we can evolve our education through the Internet by distance learning. This new system will help in improving the societies, while most of the people get educated. Besides, through the Internet we are always able to access research information anytime and everywhere with less effort and time. Also, recently from the social networking sites we can easily and rapidly get the local and world news information, via for example, Twitter. Furthermore, the Internet has affected the social communication. While, we can communicate with our relatives or our friends via the social networking sites even if we were in different continents. Besides, we may get lots of new friendships from many places around the entire world. Even in the minor daily life activities like shopping and buying is also related to the Internet in some way or the other. Recently, by means of Internet we can buy and sell anything while saving time and energy. By the end, the invention of the internet has radically changed the whole world and our lives. The

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