Effects of Internet in Our Society Essay

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The internet is one of the things that most influence has done in the society for the last 15 years. Today, you can connect to the internet not only for computers or laptops, even mobile phones let us to enter helping the internet to have each time more number of users. Certainly the internet has made more impact than any media. For instance, I took about 25 years to television to reach 10 million users, while for the internet were only required five years. However, positive and negative effects on our society have been developed with the arrival of the internet. One of the downsides is illegality that happens. The internet is one of the main causes of illegality which takes into products with protection of the author. The publication of diverse contents on the internet brings effects that may be illegal with regard to the rights of their original creation. One point that demonstrates that promotes illegal internet is in the field of music and movies. There is a good track what aluno published. The internet enables the exchange of digital copies for various electronic media that exists in the internet. Some of these means are Bittorrent, IPs concealment concealment direct links, among others. These illegal downloads given for music and movies, but also happens with books. These facts show that it is violating copyright, but it is difficult to know exactly who uploaded those files to the web. Therefore, the internet does not guarantee that the original copyrights are met. Many countries are taking initiatives on this illegal effect of the internet. For example, in the United States, parliamentarians are developing laws that punish companies that allow retention of illegal material on their servers. This would come to be a little help to avoid these negative effects. But, Illegality is still an aspect of the internet that will remain. However, the various benefits

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