Effects of Horizontal and Vertical Visual Meridian on Remote Temporal Camouflage Essay

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Temporal Resolution: an analysis of context x meridian interaction ABSTRACT It is well documented that visual performance is better along the horizontal compared to vertical meridian. The following study explores the effects of horizontal and vertical meridian on temporal resolution with specific interest in identifying Remote Temporal Camouflage (RTC). 154 students from the perception unit at University of Western Sydney participated in the study. The students were given a psychophysical task in which they had to make temporal order judgements (TOJs) regarding which of two stimuli appeared first. The stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) between the two stimuli was used to compute just noticeable differences (JNDs) in milliseconds. JNDs provide an index of temporal resolution i.e. small JNDs indicate high temporal resolution. The context was manipulated to include both static and dynamic distractors. These distractor events were measured along the vertical and horizontal meridians. JNDs were significantly greater along the vertical than horizontal meridians in dynamic contexts but not in static contexts. This may be due to RTC or to other phenomena associated with low and high order motion processing. Introduction Whether you are behind the wheel of a standard passenger vehicle or monitoring complex digital interfaces in a flight tower, you are making constant judgements about spacing, motion and timing within your visual field. One type of visual judgement is temporal order judgements (TOJs). TOJs are tasks in which one must determine which of a number of stimuli appeared first. Cass & Van der Burg (2014) used TOJs, measured by just noticeable differences (JNDs) to study temporal resolution. Temporal resolution is the interval over which the visual field blurs information together. Cass & Van der Burg studied the affect of distractor events on temporal

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