Effects Of Fast Food Essay

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Fast food restaurant is one of the fastest growing industries in developed countries like United States and others in the world today. Fast food restaurant industries can be owned individually or by a group of individuals who have bought shares from such industries. It is very helpful to the public, because it provides them food and drinks. It also provides employment opportunities to the community. Despite all these good things that one can get from fast food restaurants these industries still have effects on customers and the society. Although fast food is easy, convenient, inexpensive, and the fastest growing industries in develop countries, our society need to stop eating fast food because it has increased health problems, dietary problem in pregnancy, Environmental factors, and Family values and social aspects. In the United States, obesity is an increasingly problematic public health concern. The prevalence of obesity among U.S. adults has increased highly in recent years. In 1991, only 12 percent of adults were obese. For many people in the United States, obesity is a matter of an individual choice (Salinsky & Scott 2003, July 11). The normal advice for overweight people is to exercise more, and eat less, but how does this advice apply for children unless they have strong supervision from adults? How can children make clever choices about eating in an environment where overeating seems normal and where less adults know what is in the food they eat? The United States has been successful in addressing problems in teen health, such as dropping drug use, and reducing teenage pregnancy. We need to take similar responses by taking concrete steps to reduce the trend toward more obesity children. Salinsky and Scott focused on the economic and health costs associated with obesity and health-related issues, and mention fast-food as one of the major cause of

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