Effects of Education Policies on the English Language

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The effects of Education Policies on the English Language Throughout history the English language has become one of the most powerful languages in the world. Nowadays English is the primary language not only in the United States, England, and Canada, but in many other countries that believe that learning and being fluent in English is extremely important in order to succeed. The English language is constantly evolving, it is not the same as it was hundred of years ago, and such evolution has also affected other factors in society such as education. Education is a major component of society, and as well as language education doesn’t remain stable, it is constantly evolving to meet the different criteria needed at each time period. The changes made to education policies, institutions and curricula have been influence by the English language in different ways. Things as the development of monastic scholar, the rise of medieval university, and grammar schools have being influenced by the development and growth of English in order to meet the different standards to improve education and standards of life. There are various systems in school that have being developed to encourage students to learn and use English as their primary language, because the believe is, that English is the universal language and speaking English means more probabilities of success. The different academic programs that have being created by the education system have influence the English language in certain ways. Throughout history the English language has faced many changes and challenges as well, English was not always a well known and accepted language, and there is a long history behind it. Education has also changed enormously specially in the last few decades; new programs to support students have being developed like the English for language learners (ELL), English as a Second
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