Effects of Drug Abuse on Teens

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Drugs are readily available to people who choose to use them while teenagers often experiment with a variety of new challenging activities and substance. There are many common negative effects of drug abuse on teenagers. The first effect of drug abuse on teens is behavioral problems. Their behavior might be altered in some cases that lead to a few problems. For instance, abuse of drugs can change friendships. They begin to lose their old friends who disagree with them of using drugs and start to associate with fellow drug users who will encourage and support them to use drugs. Furthermore, some drug users can also engage in delinquent behaviors such as fighting or stealing which can get them in trouble with the law. The second effect of drug abuse is addiction and dependence. By addicting to the drug, they only become more dependent on it and have lost control over their drug use. In addition, drug addiction can lead to some dangerous diseases such as brain damage, heart diseases, and lung diseases which will relapse later in their life. Although drugs can help them to deal with some problems at home, stress from school, and other pressures, they will spend a lot of their time and money on finding and using the drugs. The third effect which will impact their later life is learning problems. Drug abuse damages human's short-term and long-term memory. It can make them hard to pay attention in remembering things or even to think clearly. They might neglect with school works, skip class, or suddenly get into trouble at school. In short, teens who abuse drug might have some struggles with behavioral problems, addiction and dependence, and learning problems. Without treatment, the effects of drug abuse on teens can lead to serious consequences later in their

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