Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Principals and Practice Essay 3/29/2012 K00126283 Catherina-Jean Donohoe The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Domestic Violence usually focuses on men beating women, but there are many other kinds: a parent abusing a child, an adult child abusing an elderly parent or a gay or lesbian person abusing their partner are all different versions of the same pattern of abuse. Domestic Violence is not limited to physical abuse. It’s a pattern of abusive behaviour that one person uses against another to get them to do what they want. (Deltufo 1995, p.49) Generally when we think of domestic violence we think of men physically abusing women, as the primary reason documented for violence by women is self-defence or defending their children. Whereas the primary reason for domestic violence for men is intimidation and to punish unwanted behaviour (WHO 2002; Serran & Firestone 2004, p.4) Children are neither ‘untouched’ by violence, nor merely passive by-standers within the abusive family system, but can be involved in a number of levels. (Fantuzzo & Mohr’s research 1999 p.14) Often when we think of domestic violence we empathise with the primary victim, usually the woman. We think of what she must have been going through and think about on how we really never know what is going on behind closed doors. Children are the afterthought so to speak, or the secondary victim. After doing some research on ‘The effects of Domestic Violence on Children’ it has expanded my knowledge on the subject and has made me realise how extensive the damage of domestic violence on children really is. Violence between the parents may over-spill and affect the parent-child relationship on many levels, such as intimacy, attachment and parenting skills. Often the primary care giver can become emotionally distant. When we think of a

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