Effects of Divorced Children

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Effects of Divorced Children More often, couples are making the decision to get divorced instead of working through their issues causing more children to come from divorced families. It is easy to fall out of love with each other, have an affair or decide to divorce for other reasons. Although it probably does not factor into the equation at the time, there is one question that comes to mind when considering all of the hurt that comes out of a divorce: what type of impact does divorce have on children? Is there any consideration while deciding to get a divorce the effects it will have on the children? Children usually are not involved in the discussion of divorce by the parents. Between divorcing parents there are some effects of the children that need to be discussed including how to keep good communication between parents after the separation, transportation of the children, deciding parenting time, how to handle situations where the children might try and turn each parent against the other, how the discipline of the children will be handled and the emotional instability that divorce brings. It is not uncommon in divorced families for the parents to try to communicate to one another through the children. Children are told “tell your Mom this” or “tell your Dad that.” The parents do not realize that poor communication and using the children to speak for them often causes the child to be afraid to express any feelings at all. Children need to be able to communicate and express their feelings and the parents need to have an open line of communication with each other for their children, or they can expect emotional problems to arise such as depression or anger. While communication is a key point another issue that seems to consistently arise is the transportation either to or from school, sporting events, or the child’s functions. Although transportation may
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