Effects Of Cocaine Essay

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Justin Hines Cultural Diversity Summary Summary of the History of Mental Illness The history of mental illnesses goes as far back as the middle ages. Back then no one really knew what a mental illness was, let alone how to deal with people that were affected by them. So they took drastic and irrational measures, deciding to burn those people at the stake, accusing them of being guilty of witch craft. Others they assumed were possessed by the devil and also killed. In some places else where they simply gathered the mentally ill on to a boat and cast them off to sea letting them float aimlessly to their deaths. At the Bedlam hospital in London they had cells designed to have the mentally ill on display. One could see “the show” for 10 shillings if they were interested. It just goes to show that people dealing with mental illnesses have come a long way. During the early days when the American colonies were established people had grown to take care of the mentally ill that were apart of their families. Friends of the families also helped to care for them. The only problem was that community resources were beginning to be over used by outsiders that were taking care of the mentally ill. So, in 1965 the lawmakers in New York agreed on and passed and amendment stating that, “in regard to the conditions of “distracted” persons, who may be both very expensive to care for and troublesome and so will prove too great a burthen for one town alone to bare, each town in rideing where such person or persons shall happen to be, are contribute toward the charge which may arise upon such occasions.”(Clark) So, basically they issued a tax for communities that were housing mentally ill people. This pretty mush made it seem like a burden to take care of the mentally ill in a community. Years passed until the 1750s, which is when Benjamin Franklin urging led to

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