Effects of Climate Change Essay

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STUDENT’S NAME: HOÀNG THẢO UYÊN CLASS: 12J ASSIGNMENT 06: The effects of climate change Climate change and its effects are becoming a noticeable and central issue of the world over the pass few years. In year 2013, the world beheld many natural disasters, from the flooding in central Europe to the typhoon Haiyan in Philippines. According to a report of CBC News, there were about 880 major natural disasters around the world in this year, which are almost caused by climate change. This is a alarming number. It warns us about the serious impacts of climate change including increasing the frequency of natural disasters, rising sea level, and negatively impacting on wildlife. Scientific research indicates that climate change will cause natural disasters to become more intense. The intenisty of hurricanes and tropical storms will be higher - lasting longer, unleashing stronger winds, and causing more damage to coastal ecosystems and communities. In November 2013, Philippines suffered the deadliest typhoon on record – the typhoon Haiyan which killed 6,201 people in this country alone. Moreover, not only do hurricanes and tropical storms become more intense but also do flood and drought. The flooding in central Europe was the costliest disaster, totaling $15.2 billion. In winter 2013, drought also killed more than 100 children in two desert areas of Parkistan. The rising of sea level is another worrying effect of climate change. Sea level rise will damage coastal and low-lying areas such as erosion and flooding. According to a research, sea levels have risen between four and eight inches in the past century and it could continue to rise between four inches and thirty six inches over the next century. Currently, it rises about 3 mm/year. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says that this is a considerably larger rate
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