Effects Of Child Abuse

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Effects of Child Abuse Child abuse can occur in multiple ways. It can be through physical abuse, verbal abuse, or mental abuse. The effects of child abuse are poor self-esteem, no self-value, and trauma to the body and soul. One effect of child abuse is the child having a poor self-esteem. When a parent or guardian does any type of abuse to a child it causes them to feel bad about themselves. Some children blame themselves for getting abused because they feel that if they were a perfect child they would not have got hit in the first place. In addition, it may cause the child to feel as if he or she can not please their parents or peers. Another effect of child abuse is the child grows to have no self-value. This mainly occurs when a parents use verbal abuse and puts his or her child down. This causes the child to think that it is a norm for them to be talked down by anybody because they grew up in that environment. On the other hand, it might cause the child to be a verbal abuser when he or she gets older to either their children or spouse. Last effect of any type of child abuse is trauma to the body and soul. When a parent or guardian does abuse to a child it my not effect them at the very same moment they are being abused, but in the long run it may cause them to have complexes with the way they think about themselves. In addition, it could cause the child to fear men or women depending on who abused them, or for example if they where hit multiple times with a hand they may associate an individual raising there hand towards them as a hand that is going to hit them so the children learn to fear hands. The effects of child abuse can completely altar the way a child thinks or reacts towards life as they grow up. They can grow up fearing the people that abused them, or they grow up to become

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