Effects Of Castros Revolution On Cuba And L.Americ

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Cuban revolution is one of the most important in the history of the world which gave a whole new dimension to power and authority. Cuba is a small country but is known for its huge potential. United States of America emerged as one of the most powerful countries ever since it won the World War 2 and also the managed to get through the cold war period successfully. US have always been diplomatic in its way of getting into the affairs of other country. It is to be noted that Cuba got its independence in the year 1898 soon after which America started to shows its influence in the social, political and economical aspects of the region. US almost started to occupy all of the major resource of the country and brought the entire control of the country under its wing. In due course of time, the Cubans rose against the imperial approach of US. Cuba is a communist region which follows the principles of communism to a greatest extent possible. It is a well known fact that US is completely against the communist approach which lead to a great lot of clashes among the two regions. Cuba succeeded over the Bay of Pigs invasion attempt by US. Castro is looked upon a great communist leader who kindled the communist feeling in the Latin America as well. Fidel Castro handled things strategically and established a self sufficient communist region which is first of its kind in the Western region. Fidel Castro achieved a great deal of success in his protests against US and this inspired Latin America region to do the same as well. The Cuban resurrection model was well received and instilled the spirit of winning in the Latin American region. One of the most attractive aspects about the revolution that drew the attention of the other Latin American region is the fact that Cuba managed to convert itself one among the best in the region. There was a great deal of development in the region
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