Effects of Being Fat

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Effects of Being Fat Each person can not be born with equal life conditions with other people in life. Some can be rich and some are poor, some can be beautiful and some are ugly or some can be fat and some are tiny whatever they eat. However, although being fat can be with time. Nowadays, perhaps Tv programmes show lots of women who are affected negatively by their fatness and these Tv programmes try to help people to loose weight with their guests who experienced about obesity of fat. Jennifer Grossman and Laura Meade who work in health industry, mention “Far Acceptance Movement” (FAM) and its effects on people on Web and some newspapers. According to Wikipedia, “The Fat Acceptance Movement, is also known as the size acceptance movement, fat liberation movement or fat power, is grassroots effort to change societal attitudes towards individuals who are fat”. Morever, wikipedia defends that people may be fat and they may gain weight but it’s mean can not that they do not their job easily and being fat may not affect them negatively in their social and business life. Although lots of people think that Fat Acceptance Movement is not problem in fat people’s life since 1960’s plenty of articles show that FAM affects not only people’s body but also their relationships, health and psychology directly. Especially in recent times, lots of people are exposed to effects of FAM. Both adults and children face some health and psychological problem because of their fat body so some can die at an early age or even if some can not die, they can have no good relationships in their life. Health is the most important worht for humanity in the world and each person who is fat or tiny, should take FAM’s negative effects on people’s health into consideration. According to Jennifer Grossman, there are some foods wihch is good or bad for people’s health. Sometimes, people may

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