Effects of Alcohol on Memory Essay

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Taeung Kim Professor Lam ENG 101 23 September 2012 Effects of alcohol on memory From last year, I found my memory is getting worse. When I encounter someone, I do not remember one’s name. I do not remember specific words I knew before. I do not remember what I did yesterday. I forgot to do my homework but it was due that day, and so on. Then one day, I thought about what I started doing last year because my memory deterioration began last year. It was an alcohol. I started drinking last summer before I leave Korea because all my friends drank, and no one forced me to drink but I felt responsibility to drink. I was not of legal drinking age, but my friends knew few bars that do not check ID. In Korea, there are various kinds of drinking games. It can be any game, for example, rock-scissor-paper, but general rule is one who loses the game, must drink heavy amount of alcohol. Now in America, I usually drink on the day I get bad exam grades, and sometimes when my friend want someone to drink together. I drink rapidly and heavily to get intoxicated because I think getting intoxicated is the goal of drinking. I drink until I vomit. Then I drink again until I vomit again. This repeats and I finally fall asleep when I am too tired to vomit or drink again. A myriad of college student drinks excessive amount of alcohols, especially on Fridays. However, most of them are not aware of how it will affect their memory and most of them do not even care about their memory loss incurred by using excessive amount of alcohol. Sometimes, they feel that their memory is getting worse but they think the cause is not drinking because drinking is something they have done from a long time ago, but loss of memory is their recent phenomenon. Losing one’s memory is a gradual process and seems nothing has changed during a short period of time. Drinking one night will not immediately cause

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