Effects of Adhd Essay

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Each day more and more americans are being treated and diagnosed for several disorders including the mental disorder ADHD. Now it may seem as though doctors are helping our citizens but the reality is, is that many Americans are over medicated. "The figures show an estimated 6.4 million children ages 4 through 17 have received an ADHD diagnosis at some point in their lives..." a massive increase within this decade and alarms the experts significantly(Schwartz 1). The over medication of children and teens has become a nationwide epidemic. What Americans have created in our future leaders may be causing harm to our society without them even realizing it. Advertisement is a big reason why patients feel the power to identify their own symptoms and the conditions they may posses. The advertisement of ADHD and other disorders may be helpful in some ways by letting them speak to the doctors about what conditions they may believe they have. Communication with the doctor is a big factor when deciding medications to provide. "Direct-to-consumer advertising allows patients to talk with their doctors about conditions that may have gone undiagnosed or under treated"(Hiber 73). Advertisement can also let the patients know of the side effects certain drugs possess. Keeping the patients knowledgeable of the side effects helps them to decide what prescription is best for them. This can also help the communication between the doctor and patient. If a patient did not know of the side effects of a certain drug and the doctor prescribes them one they have allergies to, the result could be fatal. Advertisement does have many positive attributes to it but can also cause harm in some ways. The FDA had now relaxed it restrictions on the advertisements of pharmaceutical companies. This now allows them to advertise directly at consumers rather than the physicians. With the

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