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Effects Of 30 Years Of War On Afghanistan Essay

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  • on December 1, 2011
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Dan Porter
Researched Analysis Essay

Effects of Thirty Years of War on Afghanistan

Many different side effects result when a country goes to war. Afghanistan, a middle-eastern country, has been at war for the past thirty or so years. Many people are unaware of the lasting effects it has had on the nation as a whole and this is because they are quite frequently viewed as the “bad guys.” This is because there is a lot of negative press after the Taliban completely corrupted the entire country. Afghanistan, in fact, has been affected in ways far beyond the lives of soldiers who have died. The poverty rate has rapidly increased, depression has reached an all-time high, mass destruction throughout the entire country has caused chaos, there is a substantial amount of pollution within the nation, and also the war has forced Afghan people to participate in the drug trade because a scarcity of jobs and a need for income.
First and foremost, Afghanistan has been negatively affected by approximately thirty years of war because of the rapid increase in poverty among the Afghan citizens. According to the Persian BBC, over twenty million people currently live under the poverty line. This includes a great number of people who were once considered educated and successful people in society. Afghan people are constantly looking for means of survival, such as food and shelter. In The Kite Runner, Hosseini shows that many children are often looking for food because of the scarcity and this is a troubling matter. “I understood now why the boys hadn’t shown any interest in the watch. They hadn’t been staring at the watch at all. They’d been staring at my food” (Hosseini 241). This shows that the lack of food has gotten to the point where children cannot stop staring at people’s plates of food because they are extremely hungry and most likely have not had a good meal in some time. Food sources are extremely limited mainly because of the destruction the war...

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