Effects of Obesity Essay

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Obesity is a growing outbreak in America that effects all ages and gender. As we grow, our metabolism slows, which makes it harder for us to burn calories (obesityfocused.com). What we call obesity today is becoming or has become a problem in America. I love food, you love food, they love food, we all love food. I look at it as an addiction for most and a disease for some. I would not say that it is our fault per say, but how we are raised and all the media and advertisements that we see every day. I mean look at others countries, not one has an overweight problem near as bad as the United States. America is spoiled; there is nothing else to it! Obesity is taking a giant toll on Americans, if we work together, maybe this can soon come to end. In my eyes, major effects of obesity conduct of health issues, emotional issues, and our society within itself. With that in mind, our health is a huge concern in America in which obesity has a huge impact on. “Obesity occurs when a person consumes more calories than he/she burns. Our bodies need calories to sustain life and be physically active, but to maintain weight we need to balance the energy we eat with the energy we use. From environmental factors, genetic factors, and other factors, obesity differs from person to person.” Medical problems develop gradually in obese people as they age, some can be life threatening. Such health disorders referring to obesity are: diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, sleeping disorders, pregnancy complications, stroke, urinary incontinence, cancer, and many more (Obesityfocused.com). All these issues I just listed prevent us from living our life as fulfilled and as long as it is supposed to be. “Even more startling are new statistics of obesity doubling over the last thirty years of children ages two to five, and twelve to nineteen, and tripling in children age’s six to eleven.

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