The Effects on Media on Teenagers

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The media is unavoidable given that everywhere we go; we are surrounded by televisions, billboards, computer screens, magazines and newspapers. Because we are heavily exposed to the media, it is shaping our society as it influences the makeup of our civilization. Although everyone is being affected, teenagers are more susceptible to the media and experience the greatest impact. This is because, they are exposed to the media 8 hrs a day on average. Hence, it is likely that they spend more time under the media’s influence than with parents, teachers, or even peers. Consequently, these blatant and disturbing messages portrayed by the media are corrupting the minds of teenagers today as it distorts their perceptions of the world and their place in it. The teenagers of North America feel an enormous pressure to imitate the unnatural images being portrayed by the media. Yet, these images that are being presented are essentially unrealistic and unattainable to the majority of the population. Therefore, in an attempt to become identical to these people seen in the media, teenagers face a vast range of self-esteem issues, eating disorders, and sometimes depression. This is because; through their constant exposure to the media, they feel as if society has set the standard of beauty and if they cannot live up to these standards, then they themselves are not beautiful. Through internalizing these stereotypes, they proceed to judge themselves by the media’s standards and learn to compare themselves to others as they strive for new looks. In magazines, the messages conveyed by the media are patently indicating that ones body should be perfected. For women, headings on the covers of magazines are usually related to dieting, exercising, cosmetic surgery, etc. The women modeling on the covers of these magazines have notably thin figures, long legs, and big breasts; those that are
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