Effects If John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Life and Death on the Civil Rights Movement Essay

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THE EFFECT OF JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY’S LIFE AND ASSASSINATION ON THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Kristen Toler Miss. Smith APUSH May 21, 2015 Many know about the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to be the death of hope throughout the nation. During the election of 1960, Fitzgerald stood for his beliefs on racial equality and gained many votes from African Americans, but with his strong political and economic beliefs also gained the white votes. Once he was elected into office, many Americans saw this as new hope for the decade, especially the African Americans who saw his win as a fighting chance for equality throughout the nation and praised Mr. Kennedy. The 1963 assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy impacted the Civil Rights movement in Washington D.C. during the 1960’s by fueling Americans and African Americans to continue fighting for desegregation knowing that JFK, even in fear of losing southern support, appointed a number of African Americans to high level positions and also spoke out for desegregation in schools. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, born May 29th, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts, served his term as the 35th president of the United States of America as a Democrat. Born into a rich, political family in Boston, of Irish-Catholics, he attended Private schools, rode sailboats, lived in summer homes, and lived in the lap of luxury. Kennedy’s grandfather had been mayor of Boston and his father, Joseph P. Kennedy made most of his fortune from the entertainment, businesses, and the stock market just before the crash in 1929. Though he lived such an impressive lifestyle, he did suffer many illnesses during his childhood, but lived on to be the youngest president and the first Roman Catholic to serve in office. The election of 1960 was an easy sweep being that Kennedy had already held so much political power and money. He

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