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THE EFFECTS OF THE COMPUTER ON MODERN LIFE The issue of the computer being a part of modern life is a controversial one. Some feel that the computer has made a positive impact in modern life and has helped improve the quality of life. Others feel that the computer has negatively impacted modern life. I believe that the computer has had mainly positive effects modern life. The computer has helped to improve productivity in manufacturing, quality of life, and education. Computers have become much more prevalent in recent years compared to the mid 20th century. They have become more complex and can be used for an increasing range of activities. As a result, more people are spending time using these devices, whether it is for recreation, work, or education. Since the 30s, computers have become more compact and attained a wider range of abilities. With the advent of the Internet, global communication has become more efficient and a plethora of information has become available to the public. Computers have provided a whole field of technology with endless possibilities. They have created a highly competitive job market. Online classes have become an option for many students around the world, and social networking sites have gained much popularity in recent years, reaching the spotlight of national news. Entertainment has also been involved in the growth of computers, ranging from MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games) to television networks creating Channels on You Tube. The computer helps improve productivity at work by allowing manufacturers to produce more in less time using less manpower. Many simple tasks that workers used to do are now done by robots. For example, the robotic arm seen on a modern garbage truck enables the trash collection process to be done by one man on otherwise a two-man job. Since computers have been invented, new
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