effects and accomplishments of alexander the great Essay

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Did Alexander the Great create history or was he just carried on by the tide of events, which were already occurring? I believe both helped Alexander attain his goals. He used the rising standard of the Greeks that was already in place, and continued its prosperity. Alexander had great leadership skills, which was able to help in continuation of the expanding Greek empire; the only thing in his way was death. Alexander assumed throne during the rising of Greece, and its expanding culture. When he became king the Persian Empire was already weakening, and the Greeks had become Persian soldiers, traders and doctors. Alexander also had personal trainer (Phillip of Macedon) who helped him set the base of his foundation as king. Phillip habituated and educated Alexander to become the leader of Greece. This helped Alexander become the great leader he was. When Alexander was in power he was twenty years old. He began expanding the Greek empire over 22,000 miles, and won all battles, even against some of the dominating powers. His people respected and treasured him. He created a system of currency for his empire. After conquering Persia he married a Persian princess and encouraged his men to do the same. He laid the groundwork for the rise of Rome and Christianity. Alexander’s aim was to conquer the world. But at the young age of thirty-three, he died after drinking and then swimming. “ Had he not died young, he might have politically united the world,” said historian Arnold Toynbee. In my opinion, Alexander was a miraculous leader. Yes, the foundation was laid, but he was able to resume Greece’s dominance. He was considerate when his troops begged to see their families, and mixed cultures of around the world with his own. I think that the groundwork put in helped him dramatically, but it was his leadership skills that helped Greece become a great power for about

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