Effectiveness of Sports Marketing as a Market Communication Tool

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Effectiveness of sports marketing as a market communication tool. Introduction Sports marketing is the use of sports for the purpose of promoting goods and services. Shank (4) describes it as marketing through sports. While sports marketing share some theoretical and practical similarities with traditional marketing, there are some concepts which are unique to sports marketing thus making it an area of interest in the field of marketing. This term paper therefore seeks to further dissect the whole concept of sports marketing by further understanding its uniqueness, advantages and drawbacks as well as how it differs from traditional marketing of goods and services. At the end of the day the writer will try to draw a conclusion on the overall effectiveness of sports marketing. Is it worth the effort and huge budget that is associated with sports marketing? What are the risks? How has sports marketing evolved over time? Any new frontiers or unchartered territory which can be exploited by sports marketers? What of regulation by the governments? Is sports marketing being used as a safe conduit to promote goods and services which would otherwise not be advertised in traditional media? These are some of the key queries which will be explored and exhaustively discussed in this term paper. A Closer look at sports marketing “While traditional marketing focuses on the 4 P’s of marketing i.e. Product, Place, Promotion and Price, sports marketing goes a step further and introduces the concept of Perception, Product positioning as well as Packaging.” (Shank 17). Perception in particular is key to sports marketing since it has the ability to create brand loyalty by associating a product with a particular sport. For instance, Lucozade energy drink has traditionally used sports marketing to position it has the ultimate energy source for athletes. With time, sports

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