Effective Use of Business Intelligence in Agriculture Essay

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BIS4430 SUBMISSION The Effective use of Business Intelligence in the Agricultural Industry Amupitan Bankole Michael (bankoleamupitan@gmail.com) Adam M. Badamasi (adam4mjb@gmail.com) Abstract In recent years business intelligence and analytics have gained an increasing amount of interest among researchers and practitioners due to a number of success cases that have reported tremendous improvements in organizational performance, this paper takes a look at the global literature review of Business intelligence and analyzes the efficiency of the relationship of business process and performance in agriculture. Empirical research performed based on primary and secondary data collection, developing a new measure of understanding of the characteristics of BI systems in an agricultural process-oriented framework. Measures are taken for the examination of the relationship between the business process performance and organizational performance. Keywords: Business Intelligence, Agriculture, Business Process Introduction Managerial task in agriculture are currently adjusting to a new paradigm, requiring more attention on the interaction with the surroundings i.e. environmental impact , terms of delivery and documentation of quality and growing conditions.(Sigrimis et al., 1999; Dalgaard et al., 2006). These managerial change is caused by external entities (government, public) applying increase pressure on the agricultural sector to change production focus from quantity to quality and sustainability (Halberg, 2001). Such changes are being enforced by the provisions and restrictions in the use of production input (e.g. Fertilizers and agro-chemicals) also emphasize on incentives to farmers engaging in a sustainable production rather than based solely on production. This change of condition on managerial task on the farm has
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