Effective Politics Essay

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marked this to be a "topic of your choice". "So what do you want to become when you grow up?" I cannot even count how many times I've heard this question, either coming from my teachers, counselors, or parents; heck, I bet even my neighbor's dog barked it to me at some point. After many years of facing such questions, I realized that it all boils down to one inquiry: "What's your passion?" I have never known what my passion is, but I have definitely looked to find it. Music was my life when I was in junior high. I played the trombone, switched over to the snare drum, and then became a versatile percussionist through learning the marimba, timpani, and the drum set. As high school came along, though I decided to not continue with band, I continued to expand my "drumming vocabulary" by taking lessons with a private tutor. Today, my friends and I play songs by our favorite artists every time the opportunity arises. The following year, I tried out for the tennis team since I have played for most of my childhood. While I always enjoyed playing the sport, after making the team, I fell in love with it. I loved the sound of the ball hitting the racket and the feel of the cool sweat trickling down my neck. I was always at practice working on my serve or trying to perfect my backhand. After the season was over, I played with my father nearly every summer day to improve, and by my junior year, I was named team captain. Junior year was also the first year that I was part of my school's leadership class. I was the technical commissioner, a position that challenged me to learn a lot about light plots and how to enhance sound quality. However I realized that being on leadership was about much more than just your job description, it was also about helping other people. I would always lend a helping hand to other members of leadership, as well as to students on campus. I
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