Effective Meetings Produce Results Essay

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Effective Meetings Produce Results: Tools for Meeting Management Kiyomi Eguma Project Management Professional, entangle Ltd. Abstract People spend so much time in meetings but many meetings end with no results or outcomes. Many people believe most meeting time is wasted. This meeting situation is the same on IT projects. Not only the project managers but also project team members have many meetings during the course of the project. Too many meetings rob valuable time from the project and cause many negative problems like low productivity. On the other hand, well-planned and implemented meetings provide us with achievable and predictable results. Improving meetings is a priority for successful organizations. Actions to having successful meetings are important. In this study, we will discuss an approach to those problems using IPO Model. The IPO Model is helpful to improve meetings from the aspect of cost. The Enhanced Meeting-Room Reservation System (EMRS) is a technological tool that helps us realize the concept of the meeting improvement by accurately estimating the meeting costs, and providing some additional useful functions. Introduction Meetings dominate the way in which we do business today. In fact, a study by MCI (1998, pp3) found that approximately 11 million meetings occur in the U.S. each and every day. Although many of us complain about meetings, we can all expect to spend our careers deeply immersed in them. According to the survey of Japanese business magazine President (2005, November, pp.40-49), over 36 percent of professional thinks that most meetings are unnecessary. Another survey result provided by Japanese company RECRUIT CO., LTD. Tech Research Institute (2004, January 21) that 56 percent of engineers answer that more than 50 percent meetings are wasted. In a study of MCI (1998, pp3-10), the similar results as both Japanese

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