Effective Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Effective interpersonal communication is a critical factor for PCO’s to create relationship from client and achieve the business goals. Empathy and trust is one of the criteria for interpersonal skills. PCO’s should develop the active listening skill which leads to understanding of client’s needs and expectation. For example, PCO’s may undertake regular meetings with client. It can provide a way for PCO’s update and listen to client. During the meeting, PCO’s can motivate client to share more about their opinions and requirements of the conference and convention. Such as the special needs of accommodations, budget consideration, etc. Active listening not only help PCO’s to clarify the requirements and expectation of client, but also help to show empathy and build trust from them. Thus, reduce misunderstanding in the communication process. Sensitivity to others is the other criteria for interpersonal skills. Good communication not only focuses on verbal action, but also the nonverbal action. During the negotiation session, PCO’s should being aware to read out client’s unspoken feeling through the nonverbal signal. Such as facial expression, eye contact and body language. This nonverbal action can help to transmit messages. If the client looking away when he/she talking to you,it means he/she is no interested for the conversation. Therefore, PCO’s should sensitivity to client in order to identify their preferences for decision making. Shared goals is another criteria for interpersonal skills. PCO’s should develop the problem solving skills in order to effectively do their job and make money for the further opportunity. They should anticipate a variety of challenges and identify the alternative solutions to problems. Therefore, a backup planning is important for them to build up. It can help to run the conference and convention more smoothly in order to
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