Effective Human Services Professionals and Wellness Strategies Essay

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WK2 DB post Amy Ellis Walden WK2 DB post This week I am asked to select three human services issues that could be impacted by the current soci-political environment. There was a hard decision to make there is so many issues that are in the system that can be improved in so many ways so with needed just three issues I chose the three who are the most important to me. The first issue I am choosing is the child support issue. This is a near and dear subject to me because personally I have been on both sides of the fence. The absentee parent should want to support and do the right thing by the child they helped create. All too often though being a daddy goes no further than being the sperm donor. There needs to be something to over haul this issue because children are not getting their needs met by the men who fathered them sure it’s easy to throw the father in jail for none payment but, the child support is still not being paid and the child is still not having his needs met by having just one parent providing for him. To many fathers working under the table and not paying or to many just sitting on welfare because they are to lazy and don’t want to work because child support will take all their money so they feel what is the use in getting out and trying if they cannot live. I think that even more fathers and even some women cannot pay child support even more now do to the bad economy and the unemployment rate. I know it’s all over the news that all of this is coming back but if you look around in my town this is just not true. I know one issue that needs to be addressed is the interest that is being added on each month that the absent parent cannot make a payment. I feel this is only adding on to a serious issue and causing those who cannot pay more stress and panic. In most situations I believe it is not that the absent parent cannot pay but, that they are

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