Effective Disciplining in Public High Schools

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Effective Disciplining in Public High Schools: How to Deal with Students Considered to be Constant Trouble Makers Name: Institution: Disciplining students in public high school is one of the main challenging issues facing teachers and school administrators around the world. High school students engage in disruptive behaviors such as tardiness, physical and verbal attacks, substance abuse, stalking and intimidation. These behaviors if not rectified escalate to intolerable and dangerous levels that affect the performance of an individual at school. This paper discusses some strategies which public school should use to improve behavior among students who cause trouble. First, it is imperative that teachers should understand the cause of student’s behavior. Violent behavior among high school students is strongly related to family background, society influences, peer pressure, neglect, mental illness, poor communication methods and lack of proper parenting and a high teacher to student ratio (Bond, Toumbourou, Thomas, Catalano, & Patton, 2005). In addition, drug and substance can cause aggressive behavior (Bassarath, 2001). Understanding the cause of violent behavior enables teachers develop the necessary interventions such as counseling, positive peer group influence, improvement of the family support , engaging an experienced psychologist to advice the students, adult support and involving the student in extra curriculum activities such as sports. These strategies promote positive discipline improvement among students. Secondly, many schools have zero tolerance to violent students and impose penalties such as suspension and expulsion. However, researchers point out that such punishment methods don’t improve the student’s behavior. According to the National Association of School Psychologists, (2002), punitive punishment methods such as expulsion and

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