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Effective Communication Paper Tiffany Wilson HCS/325 Monday- January, 2015 Sharon Williams Abstract This paper will talk about a functional organizational structure. This paper will explain the advantages and disadvantages of an organization running with a functional structure. This paper will touch base on the line of commands when communicating within and outside the organization. This paper will talk about what managers bring to a functional organization. Will also talk about what management focuses on in the organization. Effective Communication Paper A functional organizational structure separates common departments such as human resources, accounting and purchasing and manages them independently of the others (Lotich, 2014). Managers of the different departments report to one director of the organization. “Manager” doesn’t have to be in the position title for one to perform management skills. Just to list a few examples of management needing to be used is supervisors, admissions coordinators, and directors. All of these levels use managing skills when performing their duties. Management skill is planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, directing, decision making, conceptual skills, and technical skills. When planning the manager sets a direction and decides what goals their department needs to reach. For organizing the manager is responsible for giving out team assignments and determining positions. Staffing is a function that refers to acquiring and retaining human resources. Also developing and maintaining the workforce though various strategies and tactics (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2010). The organization I work in is a functional structure. There is a manager and a supervisor in each department. Some departments have more than one supervisor. The different ways to communicate throughout the organization I work at are very

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