Effective Communication Paper

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Crystal McDaniel HCS/320 March 18, 2014 Rafael Gonzalez This paper is an individual communication opinion paper that will talk about effective communication in healthcare. Effective communication enables a person to communicate both positive and negative information without creating conflict or destroying trust within a working relationship. I will begin with the basic elements of communication and how they are different from the basic rules of healthcare communication. Then I’ll discuss how a care provider can encourage a reluctant consumer to communicate effectively and how cultural differences influence communication. How does effective communication incorporate the basic elements of communication? Effective communication in a healthcare is crucial for healthcare professionals and the patients to provide the proper care they need. When there’s not enough communication medical care will not be given effectively due to mistakes that will me made when things are not communicated clearly or correctly. Communication begins when we greet or see a person. When lives are in someone’s hands effective communication is a must in healthcare. The importance of ever relationship whether it’s personal or professional relies on a person’s ability to communicate. The four basic elements of effective communication are sender, receiver, message, and feedback. The first element is sender/receiver which is a transceiver by speaking to someone and receiving nonverbal feedback. The second element is message which is an idea, thought, feeling, or opinion to be communicated. The last element is feedback which is the receiver’s response to the message and indicates how the message is seen, heard, and understood. How do basic elements of effective communication differ from the basic rules of
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