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Effective Communication Paper August 13, 2012 CJA/304 – Interpersonal Communications Abstract The importance of communicating within any profession is often quite under-estimated. In the criminal justice field there are no excuses for miscommunication and one mistake could affect multiple parties. It is quite apparent that in order for agencies and organizations to achieve, there needs to be effective communication methods in place. Experiencing the ability effectively to communicate among others and independently can be the deciding factor for imperative events or specific moments. An untrained individual that is not effectively able to communicate can lead to issues concerning guidelines being followed and executed. The persistence of the paper is to scrutinize specific circumstances, which involve the exercise of effective communication, and probable obstacles that are encountered while information is being conveyed to another individual and become a concern. Communication Process and its Components The word communication is depending on a type of a systematic procedure, which involves the exchange of information from one individual to another or between parties. Commonly there is some variety concerning the system being executed and the method in which it is containing the use of behavior to create the basis of communication. With communication there are numerous components involved, and will comprise: channel, context, environment, feedback, interference, message, and receiver (Wallace and Roberson, 2009) Communication is exactly what allows people to share particular experiences or knowledge between themselves. Personal communication is noticeable by many types including talking, writing, broadcasting, sign language, and gestures. Various types of communication can also be accidental, deliberate, trans-active, interactive, inter or

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