Effective Communication in the Health Care Setting Essay

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Effective communication can not be viewed as one sided. Although the burden of efficient transmission is placed on the side of the source, it is equally as important for the intended audience to maintain receptiveness. When it comes to professional communication within our working environment many factors can hinder the successful delivery of any intended message. When acting as the source one must consider the intended audience, the age, development, background and manner in which the message will be perceived. All will play a role in the success of the communication. Greatly more important than the verbal component of any communication is the kinesthetic behaviors that accompany the message. Body language, eye contact and gestures all form an image that will assist in or hinder the transmission of the message. Consider this: It is shift change, you are the oncoming shift in the emergency department and as always the environment is nothing short of intense chaos. You are to receive report, which example describing the report source will provide the most successful collaboration of care and ultimately ensuring the optimum continuity of patient care? 1- Nurse A- A veteran nurse, always approachable and precise. Despite the excessively draining shift Nurse A pulls the only open chair next to your work area, directing her position towards you starting report “ Patient 1, a 32 year old male patient, found unresponsive in a vehicle with reported drug paraphernalia. Paramedics reported patient to be in agnoal respirations requiring assisted respirations via BVM,Initial blood pressure 90/40 heart rate 50’s sinus bradycardia, oxygen saturation unreadable. Due to inability to obtain peripheral IV access after 2 attempts an IO was placed to the proximal right tibia. She pauses and asks, questions? You restate a brief synopsis of information passed to this point and

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