Effective Communication Between Coworkers

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Abstract Communication is an integral instinct and activity human beings do reflexively in the whole lives such as breathing. People communicate with their spouses, children, friends or coworkers without providing much thought, or opinions to how they have been doing. It may seem to be simple; however, precise communication requires finesse, which are selection of exact terms, listen to others with hearts, and insights of messages across. On the other hand, communicators may have quite different backgrounds, and personalities, therefore have a tendency to approach others in their own disparate communication styles. These differences can result in serious miscommunications, which can cause to disagreements at home, or in social surroundings. Repercussions of communication breakdowns at work come far more serious, and cause increased tension, low productivity, missed deadlines, incomplete tasks, upset staff, unmet goals, or even lawsuits. Hence, understanding for the different communication styles is the key for the coworkers who have contrasting communication styles (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 344 - 346). For more effective communication within teams, or throughout an entire company, a few easy important changes of philosophy and practice need to be implemented. The team A discussed the recommendations for effective communications and drew proposals. First, the coworkers should be recommended to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Making an effort to use good manners and being a good listener will build a better relationship and understand each other. With those basic reminders out of the way, coworkers would sit down and be educated on barriers of effective communication. Selective perception would be touched and each coworker is educated that people are different from each other and filter information based on those differences (Robbins &
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