Effective Communication as an Early Childhood Educator Essay

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In many aspects of life including work, study and everyday personal life the skill of effective communication is an asset. As an early childhood educator effective communication is paramount. The essay will examine what effective communication is, and how and why it is important for an early childhood educator to possess this skill. Grellier & Goerke (2010) describes effective communication as consisting of speaking clear and concise with the correct use of tone, the ability to give and receive feedback productively, active listening, non-verbal communication such as gestures, body language and eye contact. Speech is a complex process that is an important component in communication, speech is the outcome of sounds made in the voice box and stung together to make intelligible words. Without the appropriate use of tone, pitch, volume and speed of delivery, the impact of what is trying to be said will be greatly affected (Verderber, Verderber, & Sellnow, 2007). A speaker should be engaging, passionate and animated whilst remaining calm and collected. The tome of a speaker should remain conversational, so as to keep listeners attention and avoid the boredom of listeners. Bleile (2004) explained that speech is the foundation of language. Approximately 60% of brain growth occurs during the first few years of life, during this time the brain is shaped by children’s environment. Up to this point in a child’s life, parents have been the primary source of sounds and expressions. Once children are of school age this responsibility becomes shared with an educator who will become the primary source of learning for young children therefore they need to possess the knowledge surrounding speech and sounds to effectively teach children and avoid communicative and cognitive delays that occur through decreased environmental stimulation and appropriate examples of speech

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