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Effective Communication LaKeycia Harper HCS/325 08/25/2014 Connie Woods Effective communication is defined as a process of transferring information to an individual or group of individuals by means of verbal and nonverbal communication and listening skills. Communication promotes knowledge within a health care organization and it is important for the organization to succeed. Communication is just as important to the staff as it to the patients of a health care facility who depends on the communication of staff to receive quality health care. If staff members do not communicate you could do not communicate you could end up with clinical errors that could jeopardize patients’ health. Organizational model that best describes your organization is the patient-centered model is the model that my organization is most used to using. This model emphasizes caring for patients, as well as 360 degree feedback, where nurses and technicians evaluate each other (Teamwork Chp.13 paragraph 2). Using the patient-centered model helps staff to know what is going on with the patient and what they can do to help them. One of the most effective techniques of communication is the use of virtual teams, “One of the emerging trends in healthcare organizations is the use of virtual teams.” This allows organizations with access to internet and other communication to work with others. With the availability of the Internet and other innovative communication technologies, virtual teams are gaining popularity for some activities in healthcare organizations (Tompkins & Orwat, 2010). The use of virtual teams are becoming most useful with people who telecommute and it allows for less face to face activities. Both the team approach and feedback has been effective and ineffective techniques in communication. They are considered good techniques because they allow individuals to

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