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Effective Communication Krystal Way HCS/325 February 17, 2015 Professor Vrignia DuVall Effective Communication Communication is the cornerstone of a successful health care facility. Effective communication is about more than just exchanging information; it is also about understanding the emotion behind the information (Robinson, Segal, & Segal, 2014). A facility with leaders who understand the need to communicate with not only their supervisors but also the staff they supervise will prove to be a facility with many successes. Communication is imperative to efficient functioning in every part of a healthcare organization whether it is the administrative staff, the mid-level management or the CEO and president of the company. Because a busy healthcare organization is comprised of a variety of products and services that make the organization effective in providing safe operations, effective communication is an important consideration that is influenced by organizational structure (Lombardi, 2007). There are two types of structures in health care organizations: formal and informal, both of which have different types of communication. In general, smaller health care organizations will have a more informal method of communication while a larger health care organization will have a more formal communication method (Lombardi, 2007). The most recent health care facility I worked for was a smaller facility, so there was more of an informal method of communication used. The most efficient use of communication that was used for solving problems, forming plans for patient care, and implementing new training was face to face contact with open discussions. Each week on Monday morning, all managerial staff would attend a meeting to discuss the upcoming week and what needed to be accomplished as well as any issues that may have come up from their personnel. During this

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