Effective Communication Essay

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I. Stop Project Shutdown. (Effective Communication) a. Keeping Project on track i. Effective communication with team ii. Coordination with people in various departments in levels iii. Have team work in concert with departments and levels iv. The more people involved the greater the odds of miscommunication b. Mitigating the risk of communication meltdown (Conversation Killers) i. Identify barriers to effective communication 1. Do team members act as if they understand – but you find out later they aren’t on the same page a. Make sure you have clarification 2. Fear of reporting bad status (i.e. behind schedule, over budget, lacks resources, etc.) a. Don’t ridicule people b. Cultivate a comfortable environment for reporting true conditions c. Not just what project managers or sponsors want to hear 3. Technical Jargon a. IT, IS, HR, Accountants, Marketing professionals, etc. all have their own professional codes i. Ensure they all understand each other 4. Cultural Differences a. Especially applicable in international projects and joint ventures. i. Such as language, gender, ethnic traditions, and corporate protocol 5. Team Chemistry a. Don’t emphasize differences in rank or status b. Don’t talk down to members i. This will foster more barriers c. Foster a culture of openness and trust c. Preventative Planning i. Design a formal communication plan to overcome barriers 1. Will be able to anticipate and diffuse potential problems before they start ii. Project Manager and team members should collaborate on the plan 1. Gather input from top management and customers 2. Set up formal brainstorming sessions a. Builds team moral b. Gives members sense of ownership iii. Fundamentals 1. Who needs what type of information? 2. When do they need it? 3. How should information be communicated—through in-person meetings, telephone calls, e-mails,

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