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Effective Communication Melissa Williams HCS 325 October, 31, 2011 Effective Communication Communication is expresses in various ways, which has been around since the beginning of time. Part of the communication is having effective communication between the sender and receiver, whether if it may be verbal or non-verbal. When we communicate we never consider how it can change in a split of a second through a simple miscommunication. When we are communicating with a team, group, managers and co-workers we should be able to deliver a clear message to motivate purpose and direction. We will discuss examples of effective and ineffective communication, techniques applied in the health care field and how technology effects communication within the medical field. Communication is part of our everyday lives and to achieve a barrier free environment there should be clarity, feedback, and concise in verbal and nonverbal communication. When in a managerial position these concepts are very important when delivering to a diverse team or group. Good communication is the success for any organization to include the health care field. Majority of the hospital are teaching hospital and offer training presentation. When the management team conducts a training presentation time should be provided for questions to ensure clarification. If the time is not allotted for questions it can cause an ineffective form of communication. Questions provide feedback to ensure the information presented was delivered effectively or ineffectively. As the leader of a team or group, it is very important to ensure goals and roles are established. All communication issues should be address right away and not ignored. When we work towards the same goal it makes it easier in accomplishing the mission. This can be accomplished through effective communication. Pulling together through diversity can

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