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Effective Communication The basic components of communication include listening, understanding what is being said and reflected on how the other person reacts. Nonverbal communication is also an important element and includes facial expressions, body movement, gestures, eye contact, and more. One of the most crucial parts of nonverbal communication is to be confident that gestures portray the same impact as words would. Effective communication is the most critical part of our lives. When I think of the word communication, I think of one individual sending a message to another individual or a group of people with the intention of making sure they understand each other. As mentioned in our textbook, “Understanding other people’s perceptions and clearly expressing your own are important aspects of communication” (Du Pre’, 2004). There are five basic elements of effective communication. They are known as the source/sender, the message, the channel, the receiver, and feedback. In order for you to have effective communication, you must deliver the information in such a way that it represents precisely what you mean. There are many concerns when we talk about health care communication because it involves not just the elements of basic communication, such as sending and receiving the message, but it evolves around patient’s health needs, their culture, their language, and their personal goals. The difference between basic elements of communication and health care communication that is with health care usually the involved parties are health care providers or caregivers and patients. On the other hand, the basic effective communication can be with family or friends of professional colleagues. One element in particular that should be avoided health care professional when it comes to communicating with the patient is to avoid using vague terms that patients would

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