Effective Communication Essay

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During a weekly status meeting, one of the construction managers was searching for information the project manager requested. When he could not quickly find this information, the project manager became frustrated and asked that a better way of storing and tracking this information be found. The construction managers decided to create a spread sheet so the information could be searched and filtered. As the administrative assistant, I was tasked with finding out what information was important for each of them to track and creating a spreadsheet with that information. I sent out an email asking each construction manager what information was important to track. The response emails indicated that everyone had different ideas about what information was important. Since the project manager needed specific information from each construction manager, I organized a meeting so we could all discuss what was needed. The meeting started with a blank Excel spread sheet on the projector screen. We came to an agreement about what dates and information the project manager needed. By the end of the meeting we had a completed tracking spreadsheet that could be easily accessed. By having a face to face meeting instead of trying to discuss through email, I was able to get instant feedback instead of having to wait to get a response email. Combining all of the ideas of multiple people into one final product was a complex task; being in the same room and able to respond directly to each other was helpful. Having instant feedback helped us prioritize the information and determine what the project manager needed to know. By having a face to face meeting instead of continuing to email back and forth, we eliminated the physical barriers; we were in a room together and did not having computers and walls in between us. This helped us communicate since we could see each other and instantly

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