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Effective Communication Paper Tina Martin-Fleming CJA/304 March 27, 2013 Jeff Ensor Communication is the key element in any workplace environment, especially within the criminal justice organization. This paper will discuss the process of verbal and nonverbal communication, the associated elements of each, the differences between listening and hearing in communication, the formal and informal channels of communication in criminal justice organizations, the different barriers of effective communication in criminal justice organizations and the strategies that may be implemented to overcome communication barriers in criminal justice organizations. The process of verbal and nonverbal communication and the associated components of each Verbal communication includes transmitting information orally. This communication could involve sharing information between two people or a group. Speaking is one element of verbal communication. Verbal communication also involves listening and providing feedback to the sender this gives confirmation that the message was received. Verbal communication skills are necessary when you speak with the general public. An officer must request assistance from other officers, informing suspects of their Miranda rights and to inform their supervisors of certain actions that occurred (Wallace & Roberson, 2009). Many work environments require a lot of information to fulfill some of the essential duties of working in a law enforcement environment. Nonverbal communication includes written communications, via reports, memorandums, notes from meetings, nonverbal which may also include facial expressions, gestures, and it is an important component of communication between two people or within a group. Nonverbal communications can be more powerful than verbal communications. Nonverbal rely on visuals, the unspoken language of emotions,

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