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Effective Communication By Nikia Walker CJA/304 Interpersonal Communications January 19, 2014 Derrick Horton From the minute we communication plays a vital role in our development. Communication skills are something that we are all born with, but we learn how to communicate our feelings and reactions differently depending on the situations we are faced with. There are two forms of communications, and they are verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication is the conveying messages, ideas, or feelings through the use of mouth. According to Pritchett, verbal and nonverbal communication have to do with tone of voice, facial expressions, posture, and general demeanor broadcast messages to those with whom they interact. Often, these nonverbal elements send stronger messages to the listener than verbal ones (Pritchett, 1993). A LISTENING EAR No matter which form of communication a person uses, they must go through a process that will allow the receiver of the message to understand what the message is or what they are trying to say. By understanding their audience allows the speaker to convey the message clearly. Hearing a conversation and listening to a conversation can be the difference between receiving all the facts and missing vital clues that are being given during an interview or interrogation. There are two forms of communication within the criminal justice system; formal and informal communication. A form of formal communication is when supervisors give orders to inform the department of any upcoming policy changes. A form of informal communication is when an officer within the department spreads rumors about pending policy changes before they have been set in place. Criminal Justice professionals have to deal with barriers in society on a daily basis, and must have the required tools to overcome these barriers. The ability to effectively communicate

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