Effective Communication Essay

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Effective interpersonal communication in the workplace is important because it can prevent or solve problems. It makes people better listeners, and it helps in dealing with clients and other influential people. As one knows communication around the workplace is always something they must watch as they tend to talk differently around their coworkers or maybe an individual with much more authority all depending on the person, they might just talk the same to everyone they come across. They can be all goody goody around the customers or maybe even management but once they are with a coworker they get along as they would outside of work and one tends to mess around just a bit more and be a goofball. As the sales manager I know what it’s like to have different personas around certain individuals as that what one is mainly focused on in order to make a good impression and be sure the behavior given is the one that’s appropriate for that situation. Around management the goody goody will always be on their best behavior to make sure they look good and will be taken serious when they want to address and idea or concern. On the other hand the goofball tends to fool around with their coworkers and be on a somewhat not so serious behavior as they would at any other place but yet still be practically on the same behavior as they would be around management because they don’t want to be taken as a joke and show all the workers that they are in charge and that they are to obey what the manager has to say. So in that perspective one can always say that the persona a goody goody holds and goofball holds with management and the coworkers is relatively the same in many aspects of communication. One would always expect the goody goody to be fairly easy to talk and communicate well to everybody and also listen to coworkers and what they have to say, as the associates always know

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