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In Week Two, you sat in the CFO chair, studied a real world hospital Accounts Receivable (AR) problem with your team, and came up with a Process Improvement Plan to reduce Days in Accounts Receivable and improve cash flow to you hospital. Well the great news is that your plan workedThe case study “With friends like this…” is a typical example of issues that take place in the workplace. First, the case study noted that Millie approached her supervisor in a different setting. She met her supervisor before the start of the department working hours when they were in the cafeteria. The location might have not been the most appropriate and the professional place because anybody could overhear the conversation. Another question that the case raises is the credibility of the reporter. Why Millie waited too long before she approached her supervisor about the slandering comments? Should the allegations be considered truthful? While Millie might have been telling the truth, there is a possibility that she could have fabricated the stories to get Cathy fired. Millie reports was filled with “she saids” and “she dids” and generally twice- told tales without connection to specific events (Liebler & McConnell, 2012, p.461). And lastly the alteration of the schedule highlights the lack of honesty, integrity and communication within the department. The incidents also show an obvious need to establish effective method for supervisor to-subordinate communication and management creating an environment where employees feel comfortable bringing their needs and concerns to the supervisor. It is also important to note that employees should be accommodated to fit their schedule needs as long as it aligns with the department policies and bottom line. The immediate response to Millie Norman should be asking questions about the timing of the reports and more specifics instances

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