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Effective Communication Paper Verbal communication consists of the spoken, as well as the written word. You can effectively express your message by using denotation, the dictionary meaning of a word, and connotation, the feelings associated with a word. Choosing exactly the right word increases the chances of your listener understanding the message you want to send. Non-verbal communication can complement or contradict the spoken message. The tone and inflection of the speaker's voice can emphasize the point, show conflict between what is spoken and what is meant, and reinforce the emotion of the message. Body language, such as eye contact and posture, can show interest or disinterest, welcome or warn, and reveal your level of confidence. Your appearance also communicates a message to listeners. In order to conduct a good conversation you need to have at least one listener and one speaker. A major factor in communication is listening and hearing. Some may thing that they are the same but they are not. There’s a big difference between the two is that hearing is done by the ears as sound waves are processed by the brain. Listening, however, requires concentration on what is spoken. The brain needs to be engaged in the act of listening, otherwise the sound it receives makes no more sense than the traffic noise. Acceptable communication requires the skill to hear as you follow along with the skill to pay attention so that words make sense. There are three premises that communication is built on. First is hearing , which most of everyone has. Second, is the skill to listen. When this happens, the mind has to be able to process all of the information. Third is and finally comes the mid itself. If someone is speaking a different laguage then hearing and listening cannot work. Many people can listen well but if a person has a heavy accent and does not pronounce

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