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Communicating Effectively in My Organization Bryan Luther HCS/325 November 28, 2011 Susan McQuade Communicating Effectively in My Organization Effective Communication is defined as “sending the right message that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person or persons” (Effective Communication, 2011). Many times communication is happening but not in an effective manner. This is either because the sender is not sending the right message or the message is not understood by the receiver. Organizations that can communicate effectively have the advantage because of time saved by not misunderstanding one another. My current organization, called Carolina Chutes, communicates but often times not effectively. The technicians, more often than not, need further explanation of duties at each job site to understand the mission we are expected to complete. To better understand how Carolina Chutes operates, I will tell you that owner and boss lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and assigns tasks daily to three different technicians, including myself. The technicians are each located in three different cities to better cover the entire two state territory of North and South Carolina. The method our boss uses most to delegate our duties are by text messages and I find this method to be the most ineffective way possible because of the lack of room to expand. In a text message, an individual is only given 160 characters per text to convey the message intended (Hord, 2011). This is very frustrating and ends up causing more loss time than a simple telephone call. With modern technology, the preferred method is now email because there is not a limit to the amount of detail you can provide. This turns out to be the best for the technicians because we are each provided with a smart phone to receive these messages regardless of where we may be.

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