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Effective Communication Rhonda Morris NR 101 Maguire, P., Pitcheathly, C., (2002). Key communication skills and how to acquire them. Cancer Research UK Psychological Medical Group. 325.697-700. In the article entitled Key Communication Skills and How to Acquire Them, the authors discusses several techniques and tips on how doctors can effectively communicate with their patients, and also how patients can effectively communicate with their doctors. The authors suggests that once doctors practice effective communication, the patients will thoroughly understand their problems, therefore leading them to ask key questions so that they could take better care of themselves, leading to less misunderstanding and poor aftercare. I think one key point in the article is that some doctors do not check patients’ understanding of the problem or the instructions given. They pay little attention to checking how well patients understood what they have been told (Maguire, Pitcheathly, 2002). The authors have provided some skills that doctors could practice in order to gain more effective communication and understanding with their patients. Some of those skills include making eye contact, encouraging patients to be exact about the occurrence of their problems, and also to use active listening during consultations. Active listening consists of responding to cues about problems and distress by clarifying and exploring them (Maguire, Pitcheathly, 2002). Overall, I agree that this article is a very good guide for doctors and patients alike to practice better communication. I believe that once these skills are acquired, the doctor-patient relationship could improve dramatically. Cohn, K., (2007). Developing effective communication skills. Journal of Oncology Practice. 3(6), 314-317. This article suggests that effective communication is a process. The author talks about being

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