Effective Classroom Management

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The classroom is an environment for students to learn and engage in academics. The classroom is a place where each individual should be recognized for their achievements, the students should also feel secure and comfortable within their environment. Students need to know that hard work and perseverance are the keys to success. The classroom should not only be an environment where knowledge is gained, but also an environment that prepares each individual for situations outside of the classroom as well. Classroom organization is critical in running a classroom effectively and efficiently. Organization begins with labeling all items within the classroom with pictures and the name of each item, this will help students to put items in there proper place as well as promote literacy. Children will also learn organization by the example shown by their teacher. The teacher should be prepared before class before it begins, having all necessary material ready to be used. There should also be enough material available for the amount of students in the classroom. For example, if there are twenty children in the class and there is only one paintbrush accessible to the class it is probable that this will cause unnecessary chaos. Discipline in the classroom needs to be put in place from the first day of class. Discipline also needs to be implemented at all times with no exceptions, allowing one student to break a rule with no consequences will make the rest of the class believe that the behavior is acceptable. Redirection in the class can be an effective way to control minor behavior issues in the classroom. Taking action immediately after an occurrence and also telling the student the consequence for his or her action is also vital. Reinforcing positive behavior as it occurs will also help eliminate negative behavior. Rewarding students for good behavior can
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